Arvind Devalia

For Life on Purpose Episode #54, my guest is author, speaker, blogger, coach, and social entrepreneur Arvind Devalia.

Arvind joined me for a great chat about about making an impact in the world, increasing your own ripple effect, getting clarity on what your life is about, asking for help, and MUCH more!

“I am committed to opening you to the possibility of discovering your deepest purpose, living a fully expressed life filled with peace, love, well-being, courage and integrity.”

About Arvind Devalia:

Get the Life You LoveArvind Devalia is an author, speaker, blogger, coach, and social entrepreneur who extols the virtues of a life of contribution by making a positive and powerful impact on the world.

His Amazon best-selling book “Get the Life you Love & Live It” is the complete self help manual for your life with anecdotes and examples from his own life.

And he has been interviewed and quoted in The Mail, The Daily Express and various mainstream magazines in the UK, USA, India and other countries around the world.

To learn more about Arvind and his work, visit: