Life on Purpose Episode #66 is the long-promised return of the LoP Round-Table! For my third RT, I was joined by Marsha Shandur, Charles Gupton, and Rick Charlie. They are each storytellers and creatives who work in a variety of different mediums (podcasts, storytelling, blogs, photos, video) and all use prompts on social media to examine the human condition and show that “I Don’t Have It All Together”, as Marsha’s weekly Tuesday Facebook post proves!

They joined me for an in-depth conversation on the topic of “pretending” — both online and in-person — including examining why we do it, what’s actually behind the “look how cool I am” postings many of us make, and what purpose is pretending serving? We also discussed practical tips for being more authentic, intentional, and vulnerable in both your online and IRL (in real life) interactions.

In our excellent conversation, we discussed:

  • The original question from author/motivational speaker Simon Sinek that prompted this discussion.
  • Marsha’s “I Don’t Have It All Together” Tuesdays Facebook posts.
  • The crucial importance of asking questions to promote greater authenticity and vulnerability.
  • The positive aspects of social media including building connections and community.
  • Conversely, the compulsion to “keep up with the Joneses” and prove that you have a great life.
  • Being more intentional and conscious with your social media posts.
  • The “two sides of pretending” involving delusion and hiding.
  • “We each teach that thing we most need to learn.”
  • How fear plays a role in our interactions.
  • How some kinds of pretending can have a positive benefit.
  • Tips for how to pretend less and be more intentional.

This discussion was prompted by the following Facebook post from Rick Charlie, based on a question originally asked by author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek:

Something to think about: How much of your time and energy is put into pretending?
Pretending things are okay, when they are not.
Pretending there is not pain, when inside you hurt so much. Pretending that you know what you are doing, yet are actually terrified of the next step.
Pretending you have a really good life, but you are totally unsatisfied in it.
Pretending that all those past things don’t affect you, yet they really continue to plague you like an addiction you can’t shake.
Pretending that you have it all together when you don’t even have a clue what it all is in the first place.

NOTE: I met Marsha, Charles, and Rick Charlie at Camp GLP (GoodLifeProject), a fantastic “summer camp for adults” run by author/speaker/entrepreneur Jonathan Fields and his wife Stephanie. I’ve attended the past three years; it’s an experience I highly recommend!

LoP Round-Table #3 Guests:

Marsha ShandurAbout Marsha: Marsha Shandur is a Storytelling Coach, Memory Scavenger, and Networking Mentor at Yes Yes Marsha as well as the Benevolent Dictator at True Stories Told Live Toronto.

To learn more about Marsha and her work, visit:

Charlels GuptonAbout Charles: Charles Gupton is a photographer, videographer, and visual storyteller at Charles Gupton Productions. He also produces the The Creator’s Journey podcast, on which I’m honored to have been a guest in 2015 (listen here).

To learn more about Charles and his work, visit:

Rick CharlieAbout Rick: Rick Charlie spent 15 years as a youth Minister and Family Therapist, and is now working on a new life as an inspirational creative.  He asks probing questions about life, including the prompt that was the inspiration for the discussion.

To learn more, check out