Tara Gentile

Part of living a life “on purpose” is conducting your business or work life in a deliberate manner. Since many LoP listeners are either currently running their own business or have thought about doing so at some point in the future, it’s important that we discuss strategies and tools to help you succeed in business.

Life on Purpose Episode #11 is great conversation with Tara Gentile, a business strategist and coach for creatives, idea people, and professionals who want to leverage their Quiet Power and devise a strategy for growth without the heartache or hassle. She’s the author of The Art of Earning and Quiet Power Strategy.

QuietPowerStrategyAbout Tara Gentile:

Every day, you add more marketing tactics, product ideas, and goals to your notebook. You’re distracted from your purpose and drained by all the options. All the while, your big idea—that thing you really want to be working on–is waiting. And the more you lose yourself and your idea in the weeds, the more likely you are to fail.

The good news is that there’s a better way to run your business: yours. Your Quiet Power Strategy™ taps into your strengths and gives you the ability to lead yourself where you want to go. It’s a plan for What You Want to Create and How You Want to Connect–and how that’s going to lead to the business growth that brings you the wealth, peace, and ease you crave.

I’m Tara Gentile and work with entrepreneurs to design their personal Quiet Power Strategy. I combine intense focus with uncompromising vision and strategy and teach others to do the same.

To learn more about Tara, visit http://taragentile.com.

Episode Summary:

In the course of our hour-long, in-depth interview, we discuss her new book and course Quiet Power Strategy, the power of getting out into your community, positioning, market biases, attentional focus, Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage assessment, and MUCH more, including:

  • Quiet Power Strategy as both a practice you use in your business and a state of mind that transforms the way you work.
  • “I concentrate a lot on business and I don’t get too much into the personal realm, but these same concepts are the things that I use to drive my life and my personal relationships as well.”
  • How she helps people see themselves as CEOs of their own ventures.
  • “It’s about finding the choice that’s going to be right for you instead of the choice that seems to be right for everybody else.”
  • Why she says the opposite of quiet isn’t loud but noise. “We live in an incredibly noisy world. And so the first step is finding the places where you can clear out the noise.”
  • The three skills that Tara says are necessary to do that: perception, discernment, and focus.
  • “One of the ways that I help my clients is by using a tool called the Perspective Map. That’s about understanding how your customer or whoever it is you’re dealing with is saying, thinking, feeling, and doing about the problem at hand or their goals.”
  • One of her favorite tools for honing discernment: Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map and using your “Core Desired Feelings” to lean into what choices are going to be best for you.
  • “The third skill is focus, which is really about editing. Editing out what other people are saying. Editing out other people’s definitions of success. It’s also about editing all of the little things that distract us from the core thing that we want.”
  • The tool that she uses for that: Declaring Your Chief Initiative. “Your chief initiative is that ONE goal that you’re going to work towards in the next 6-12 months. And everything else has to line up behind your chief initiative. That makes prioritizing, listening, and discerning so much easier.”
  • What are the Conditions for Success that happen around your chief initiative and how do you make those happen?
  • “The good news is that so many of the things that we associate with that kind of success are changes you can make right now. You can change the way your calendar looks right now. You can change your business model right now, or at least start to change it. You can start to grow your list right now.”