Louisa Rogers

For Life on Purpose Episode #27, my guest is training consultant, coach, writer, and mediator Louisa Rogers, who at 63 has never held a regular day job and has lived in eight different countries! Her clients have included corporations, government agencies and nonprofits from Kansas to Kazakhstan.

Louisa joins me to discuss how she built a life living and working on her own terms. Our high-energy conversation offers inspiration for people of any age about saying “yes” to life!

LouisaRogers2About Louisa Rogers:

Louisa Rogers has been training and facilitating workshops on leadership and management skills for over 30 years. Her clients have included corporations, government agencies and nonprofits throughout the USA and in eight foreign countries from Kansas to Kazakhstan.

In addition to her business trainings, she speaks and writes on wellness, travel and simplicity. She grew up overseas (a diplomat kid) and still loves traveling. She and her husband divide their time between Northern California and Mexico, along with regular visits to Europe–with their folding bikes, naturally.

To learn more about Louisa, visit: http://louisarogers.vpweb.com.

More About Louisa:

Three key areas of interest for Louisa are:

1) Travel. I started traveling in childhood (diplomatic kid)—and never stopped. This year my husband, Barry, and I will bicycle in the Czech Republic, on our folding bikes.

Besides appreciating the landscape, we’ve invited friends to visit: a French couple whom we met couchsurfing about 5 years ago, on an earlier bicycle trip; and a German woman in her 30s with her family, who Barry met during a long layover at Singapore Airport 12 years ago, before she was married and had kids. This is typical for us–friends of all ages, all over the world.

2) Work. I love working– on my own terms and on my own schedule. I’ve never had a day job. I earn money in a delicious variety of ways—training, consulting, coaching, writing.

LouisaPadelboardAs a leadership and communication trainer, I’ve used my skills to volunteer internationally, in Kazakhstan (teaching conflict resolution skills to municipal leaders), Paraguay (teaching leadership skills in Spanish to women banana growers), and Ghana (teaching business development and strategy to tractor owners). I’m sponsored by ACDI-VOCA, a nonprofit subsidized by US AID. From time to time I do consulting in Mexico, where I live part of the year. My latest venture is food writing.

I’m sponsored by a non-profit organization, ACDI/VOCA, that contracts with consultants to work on short-term projects in the developing world. Most of the projects are agricultural in nature, but occasionally consultants who teach the “soft skills” are needed. By the time I leave in three weeks, I will have led four two-day seminars on conflict resolution in different parts of the country.

3) Fitness. I’m always seeking new opportunities and ways to keep active. To celebrate turning 50, I walked the 500-mile Camino de Santiago (I liked the resonance of the numbers); for my 60th birthday, I walked the Coast-to-Coast, a trail of 200 miles across the width of England.

My latest venture is stand-up paddling. I have an inflatable SUP which I carry down to to our local bay, two blocks from our apartment.

My husband and I are currently planning a kayaking/ stand-up paddling trip down the Thames next year. So many places to go, so little time…