Dr. Tiffany Stewart

For Life on Purpose Episode #61, my guest is speaker, professional coach and mentor, trained licensed therapist, and tenured associate professor of counseling Dr. Tiffany Stewart.

Dr. Tiffany joined me for an inspirational chat about her L.E.A.P. Success System and how it helps others shift their mindset and create the lives they want. We also discussed her own life story — how she went from being a single parent who had been fired from four jobs in two years with very little money (“failing at life”) to building a successful business and life lived on her own terms in just a few short years.

“Failure is a part of the process. You can ALWAYS recover from it. And the transformation that I have been through in a few short years is not because I am a lucky person. You do not need lady luck on your side to create the life you want. I went from literally losing everything I had to creating the life I want.”

About Dr. Tiffany Stewart:

Dr. Tiffany is a trained licensed therapist with years of training in the counseling profession and as a tenured associate professor of counseling.

Soon after entering the world of academia, Dr. Tiffany recognized it fostered an environment of constant criticism, people telling you what you could not do and how good you were not. She then made it her mission to do the opposite by empowering people, helping realize their gifts and showing them how to obtain them.

Through working with a mentor and learning the best methods to use, Dr. Tiffany created a formula to teach others who feed into the belief of not being good enough or not knowing the next steps to take to create a life they love.

Her passion is to help individuals who may be stuck in some area of life, tap into their power and give themselves permission to step into their purpose and create the create life they want to live. She is the creator of the L.E.A.P. Success System.

To learn more about Dr. Tiffany and her work, visit: http://www.tiffanystewartphd.com/.

Dr. Tiffany StewartMore About Dr. Tiffany:

  • I am a native of New Orleans, LA, where I was the youngest of six children raised by a single mother. Although I knew my father, he was absent for most of my life.
  • My family was poor, but I did not know it until later in life because everyone in our neighborhood seemed to have the same status and we always had what we needed.
  • I did not go to the best of schools growing up. We attended the closet neighborhood schools until high school, when I attended one a little further away from home only because I liked the people who went there.
  • Because I did not have anyone to be accountable to for my grades, I was an average student in school. This made me not try. As a result, I did not believe I was very smart and was just happy to get through each year.
  • I did not think I was smart enough to get through college. You see, four out of my five siblings started college, but none of them finished. I was sure I was destined for the same path.
  • After high school, I really had no plan. After just hanging out and partying for a year and a half after high school with no direction, I decided to enroll in a local college, though I had no intention of completing a degree.
  • I only wanted to have what sounded like a good response when someone asked the question I dreaded the most: “So what are doing with yourself now since you graduated (high school)?”
  • When I first got to college, I did not even know how to study and I was still not taking school very seriously. Finally I met a professor who told me that I could not only graduate with an undergraduate degree, but that I was smart enough to get a Ph.D. just like her.
  • As a result, I became the first person in my family to graduate from college. During my final year of college I got married and gave birth to my daughter the semester after graduating.
  • After I had my daughter, my marriage was failing and I decided to move from New Orleans to Mankato, Minnesota to pursue a master’s degree. My daughter was only two months old.
  • By the time I completed my master’s degree, I had moved back to New Orleans, was divorced and was a single parent.
  • Eventually I went on to pursue my Ph.D. in Akron, Ohio. My daughter was five years old at the time. It was just the two of us, with no family or any support for thousands of miles away. We lived in Ohio for four years.
  • Upon completion of my Ph.D., I obtained my first tenured track academic appointment and became a licensed counselor. It was soon after obtaining that position that I knew I needed to do something to help others. It was no longer about me. Instead, I wanted to help others get out of dead-end neighborhoods and jobs too.
  • After obtaining tenure and being promoted to Associate Professor, I decided it was time to find my true purpose in life. I realized that my true purpose was in personal development – helping others figure out their true purpose and create the life they wanted.
  • In 2016, I started my mission to create a real impact not only in my life, but most importantly, the lives of others by doing what I love. By using my teaching, research, and counseling experience, I am now working in my purpose to help everyone create the life they want.