Angie Swartz

My guest for Life on Purpose Episode #96 is accomplished coach, speaker, podcaster, and author Angie Swartz, who joins me to talk all about life purpose and why it’s so important in these uncertain times.

In her work with a wide variety of personal and professional clients, Angie uses a unique combination of coaching methods, business experience, mindfulness practices, and energy tools to help clients realize and awaken their full potential.

As the owner of Life Purpose Advisor, she coaches both in one-on-one and group settings. Her mission is to empower people and companies around the globe to create happy lives and meaningful careers that allow them to contribute to the greater good of the world.

*PERSONAL NOTE: I’ve worked with Angie for several years and utilize her practices every day, so I can testify as to how impactful her work truly is!

In our inspirational conversation, Angie and I discussed:

  • Her “Goal Planning and Intention Setting for a Great 2021″ Virtual Retreat (info below);
  • Should we even be thinking about Life Purpose in the middle of everything happening around us right now?
  • “We’re here to live joyful lives! And there are lots of ways to find joy right now.”
  • Tips for people who are struggling to see the bigger picture/wider perspective;
  • The importance of tools/practices/rituals to lessen the swing of life’s pendulum and bring us back to our center;
  • The crucial importance of answering, “What really brings me joy?”
  • More practices that she believes contribute to living a happier life in higher consciousness;
  • Her belief that life is designed to be getting better, expanding, and improving;
  • Returning to your strengths and what to do if you don’t know them;
  • “I don’t have to do everything that I’m good at.”
  • Three key tips to help us Master Happy and navigate these times;
  • “Our purpose is always unveiling itself as our life progresses along!”
  • Her journey from CPA and working with Fortune 500 companies to Life Purpose Advisor;
  • Her work as a coach combining business experience, esoteric practices, and science-based tools;
  • The concept of “spiritual number cars”;
  • Her belief that there is something bigger than us that is supporting us all;
  • The importance of healing old wounds and uncovering our wholeness by removing “emotional mud”;
  • Her Life Purpose Advisor podcast, public speaking, classes, and other projects she offers;
  • Various ways that she works with people who are ready to do the work;
  • Much more!

“Suffering is part of transformation, but we get to choose!” says Angie.

About Angie Swartz:

Angie A. Swartz is a professional coach who uses targeted coaching methods, business experience, and mindfulness practices to help clients grow into their full potential.

With over 25 years of business leadership and coaching experience to call on, she assists clients in one-on-one and group settings.

Angie’s background includes a successful career with five different Fortune 500 companies as well as owning a boutique marketing agency.

She is an accomplished speaker and host of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast.

Angie lives in Carlsbad, CA, and sees clients in person and via zoom.

To learn more about Angie and her work, visit:

Goal Planning & Intention Setting Virtual Retreat 2021:

NOTE FROM GREG: I wanted to let you all know about something very special that ties in with this episode. Angie and I are talking about life purpose and how to get past the craziness of 2020 and the anxiety that’s all around.

How can you do that and infuse your life more with more joy, confidence, success, abundance, love, better health, and increased creativity?

Well Angie’s going to be hosting a very special Life Purpose Advisor Virtual Retreat called “Goal Planning and Intention Setting for a Great 2021.”

It happens on four Thursdays from January 28th through February 18th and there are two convenient time slots available. In years past, this has been an in-person retreat, but this year we’re going to be gathering on Zoom.

What happens at this virtual retreat? We’ll Co-Create a New Experience for 2021 including:

  • Breathing, Meditation, and Energy Work;
  • Daily Practices to Help You Release 2020 and Bring New Enthusiasm and Positivity Into Your Life;
  • Assessing and Setting Priorities for Your Life and Picking your Word for 2021;
  • Creating a Plan to Address Anything Standing in Your Way;
  • Creating a Vision Board for 2021 including Photos that Represent your Intentions;
  • Sharing and Inspiration via a private Facebook Group during the Week.

Using the combined energy of a powerful group that wants similar things, the doors to heartfelt, abundant living open easier.

If that all sounds like something you’re interested in or you’d like more information, check out:

And if you use coupon code: FLC2021, Angie and I have a special bonus for you. We’ll give you either a 30-minutes speed coaching session with Angie or my new eBook 30 Days of Finding Light, 30 short prompts to help you find more light in your life.

I hope you’ll join us in creating a great 2021!