For Life on Purpose Episode #99, my guest is author, writing coach, and leadership coach Dave Ursillo.

Dave played a major role in my podcasting journey as not only have we talked multiple times on this show, but 10 years ago last month (July 2011), he was Guest #1 on my first podcast Radio Enso. So I invited him back to Life on Purpose to talk about where we were then, where we are now, and our respective journeys through the years.

Our conversation included:

  • Our perspectives about change and evolution;
  • Trying to make a living as a creative entrepreneur (and the privilege and ramifications involved in that); 
  • The appeal and changes to communities we’ve been involved in (particularly WDS, where we met); 
  • Going wide vs. going deep;
  • Discoveries we’ve made about ourselves (including Dave learning that he’s an HSP); and
  • What Dave’s up to now, including his Self-Storied Summer project and moving into new realms professionally.

And all it was framed by a power outage, which caused me to almost cancel the interview. But we pulled it off!

About Dave Ursillo:

“As a lifelong writer, writing coach, and guide to personal leadership, I help creative self-starters and emergent change-makers refine and align their stories through self-knowledge techniques and holistic self-expression pursuits. It’s time to live the story that you want to be telling.”

“Hello, and welcome. My name is Dave Ursillo, and I’m grateful that you’re here.

I’m a writer, an 11-time author, and a writing coach and leadership coach. I’m on a mission to help creatives, business owners and professionals share their voices, stories, and messages in our world. I also love to travel, I’m an avid home cook and baker, and I treat my morning coffee like some do fine wines.

Beyond my writing and publishing occasional books, I’m a fully self-employed creative professional and have been working for myself in a small business-of-one called Lead Without Followers, LLC., since 2009.

Once upon a time, I quit my job in politics and left a young career path in public service behind so that I could follow my dream to share my words with others — and to share some good in the world.

Today, I spend my days immersed in clarifying conversations as a writing and creativity coach, a leadership coach to small business owners and creative entrepreneurs, and occasionally as a communications strategist and story consultant.

In between my client work, I write an every-other-weekly newsletter called Chronicles of the Self-Storied Life, which is read by a few thousand readers worldwide, and publish occasional free resources like writing and journaling prompts.

I am always creating new and thoughtful educational content like e-courses, hosting occasional in-person workshops, and putting on digital experiences like webinars to help the creatively-curious, conscientious journeyers, everyday-yogis, self-employed entrepreneurs, bloggers, self-starters, and personal development practitioners express themselves more fully.”

To learn more about Dave and his work, visit: