The first Life on Purpose Roundtable, which will be a monthly feature of the show, was a great conversation with Kristoffer Carter, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, and Eric Zimmer on how they define living a “life on purpose” and what that means to them, as well as various ways that we can EACH do that in our daily lives.

About LoP Round-Table #1 Guests:

Kristoffer Carter (KC) is an outspoken advocate of mindfulness in business, a Kriyaban Yogi (from the Self Realization Fellowship), a husband and father of three, a marathoner, and multi-instrumentalist since childhood. He designed and released a multimedia manifesto called The Framework, which outlines his approach to what he calls Full Life Integration. He launched a mindfulness & meditation program called THE PAUSE for his company Centro, and he’s faculty for Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project.

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya is a leading voice in the world of positive psychology & the science of flourishing. She’s a widely sought-after speaker, educator, facilitator & coach. Jonathan Fields says, “she offers that astonishingly rare blend of deep insight, wisdom beyond her years, a fierce grounding in science and the heart of a teacher.”

Eric Zimmer has been helping to build companies for the past 15 years and has been involved in technology for longer than that. He’s led a major software program for a Fortune 20 company, he started a solar energy company called Tipping Point, and he’s the host of a podcast called The One You Feed that’s currently the #1 philosophy podcast on iTunes! He’s also a musician, a passionate leaner, and loves to meet new people.

For more information on Kristoffer Carter, visit For more info on Eric Zimmer, visit For more info on Emiliya, visit To hear several conversations with KC on my previous show Radio Enso, visit the archives page here.

Episode Summary:

During this in-depth round-table conversation, we discussed:

  • How each of them defines a life lived on purpose?
  • What are the habits that allow each of them to do that? “How do I want to show up in the world?”
  • The importance of ruthless self-knowledge and “tearing up the scripts that we were handed as kids.”
  • The value of meditation for all four of us and importance of living moment to moment.
  • Our shared experience at Camp Good Life Project — four days spent with “Hearts Open, Antennae Up.”
  • The benefits of community and their recommendations for finding others who share the same ethos.
  • Brene Brown, vulnerability, and authenticity. “Social media makes it look like we’re so perfect.”
  • Emiliya’s Science of Flourishing workshop and changing your happiness “set point” through habit change.
  • Neuro-plasticity, the brain, and “your duty to cut out bad habits and replace with ones that serve us.”
  • Depression, the Set Point theory, and Eric’s The One You Feed podcast.
  • The importance of not beating yourself up when habits go awry or you’re having a bad day. How?
  • Misperceptions about Positive Psychology: “It’s not about being happy, but the permission to be human and being able to be resilient and work with what life brings you.”
  • Learning to recognize the difference between “the emotion I’m feeling vs. a story I’m telling myself that feeds emotions.”
  • The value of gratitude and strategies for bringing more of it into your life.
  • Emiliya’s model (which we discuss in our length chat on Life on Purpose here): “Self-Awareness enables self-compassion, which enables self-care.”
  • WHY live a life on purpose? Why seek a purpose-filled life?