Sandi Amorim

For Life on Purpose Episode #24, my guest is Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, and author Sandi Amorim. She joins me to discuss her new book The 100 Day Promise, which is designed to guide you over the course of one hundred days to create a promise based on a change you want in your life, and to develop your capacity to follow through with daily actions to bring that promise to life.

About Sandi Amorim:

Sandi Amorim is a Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, and creator of The 100 Day Promise, a successful online program created to help people change with greater ease and effectiveness and the title of her BRAND new book. She has spent the past twenty years studying what makes us tick, what keeps us stuck, and most importantly, what helps us thrive.

As a seasoned professional in the field of coaching, Sandi holds coaching certificates from Erickson Coaching International in the Art & Science of Coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as a Master Coach designation from the Harmony Integration Academy. In 2014 she became one of the first coaches in the world licensed to lead Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map workshop.

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100DayPromiseMore About The 100 Day Promise:

Change can be challenging, frustrating, and sometimes impossible, but we all want to change something about ourselves. The problem isn’t that you want change; the problem is that you judge yourself harshly when you fail to change the way you want. So how do we get there – to our desired change – from here, the feeling of dissatisfaction and longing?

Frustrated by the popular belief that change only takes 21 days, author Sandi Amorim decided to answer that question for herself and her clients. It was a question that led her down a rabbit hole of neuroscience, the cycle of change, the law of attraction, and positive psychology. Like Dr. Joe DiSpenza, she believes that we have to “Go beyond knowing … to know how.” She shares what she discovered in The 100 Day Promise, a guide to changing from the inside out.

What will you have at the end of one hundred days? You get to decide. For some, it’s a new habit or practice in life. For others, it’s releasing an old habit or fear. The best part is that The 100 Day Promise gives you resources and strategies you can use over and over again that will help you shift from struggle to ease, and a newfound sense of freedom.

The 100 Day Promise is a journey that goes deeper with each promise you make, and this will have a profound impact on how you see yourself. You’ll realize – maybe for the first time – you’ve got what it takes to change.

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