Susan Lustenberger

For Life on Purpose Episode #39, my guest is intuitive strategist, corporate change-maker, and life-driven business mentor Susan Lustenberger.

Susan joins me for another great “Soul Session” — a powerful conversation on abundance, manifesting the life you want, the power of gratitude, moving past obstacles, mindfulness and meditation, the “laws of the Universe”, her work as a Clairvoyant and Claircognizant, and much more!

About Susan Lustenberger:

Susan Lustenberger is the only master teacher and intuitive strategist that makes activating universal laws a lifestyle for conscious people and businesses who are weary of theory and hungry for results at a time when the hope of abundance is more common than the experience of it.

She was born Clairvoyant and Claircognizant. Through major life transformations, she learned more about her intuitive strengths and realized that she was put here to help. Along with these gifts came the ability to manifest and help others manifest vast prosperity and abundance in their lives through consciousness.

Susan LustenbergerThrough this work, she has been lucky enough to work with an array of clients from guiding pro athletes, movie executives, C.E.O’s on various goals and manifestations to working privately with individuals seeking happiness, answers and authenticity in their personal lives.

Susan is a Natural energy 3. What does that mean? Well we each are born with on of nine different natural energy centers and each one indicates a different universal strength.

A Natural energy 3 soul-type is able to connect with a person’s soul (their deepest dreams and desires) and directs the energy into the Universe for manifesting. It is her SuperPower!

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About Abundant Life 360:

Abundant Life 360 is a results-driven, immersion program for conscious people around the world who want the manifesting powers of their teacher applied to them as they learn to activate and apply universal laws as a lifestyle, so that they experience abundance even as they learn to manifest it themselves, at a time when theory and hype tend to dampen belief.

Abundant Life 360 immerses conscious achievers around the world in the practice and mastery of universal laws as a lifestyle.

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