For Life on Purpose Episode #47 my guests are Leah Hynes and Naz Murphie, the Founders of RYPL – Rock Your Purpose Live. They joined me for an inspired conversation about the crucial importance of community for support and guidance as well as connecting with like-minded people as we each find our life purpose and then work to turn our goals into action.

We also discuss each of their life stories, as they’ve taken the sometime difficult lessons learned creating a life on their own terms and now apply those lessons to helping others do that same. And we preview their upcoming RYPL Retreat in Utah, in which they’ll teach an intimate group of attendess to master the art of building a truly, deeply hyper-engaged community.

About Leah Hynes:

After ten years of working in PR I was a shell of my former, confident self. I hated my job and cringed every time the phone rang. I just wished I had more time for the stuff I enjoyed, instead of being stuck there for hours staring at a screen five days a week.

I started to wonder what this life was really all about and I felt so angry at the chains that were binding me to this desk, to the mortgage, to the salary, and to the approval of others. I knew there was a fire within me and yet I couldn’t move. I felt paralysed and stuck.

I also felt guilty for wanting more. Shouldn’t I just be grateful? I had an amazing family, a roof over my head, and a steady salary. I had more than most of the world’s population and yet I still felt empty inside.

So I started exploring: reading and watching videos about people who had created these amazing purpose-driven lives. I started subscribing to blogs, buying courses, signing up for webinars, and even flew halfway around the world for conferences.

But no matter how many courses I did, books I read, and amounts of money I spent looking for the ‘answer’, I felt no closer to living this dream life ‘they’ were all talking about. I knew there was still something holding me back. Something hidden from my sight. And the worst part was, each time I finished (or didn’t finish) a course or book, I felt even worse about myself and my lack of progress. I felt like giving up.

In 2012, I finally started looking within for what was holding me back. I got (very) uncomfortable. I stopped buying courses that promised the world and with the help of some phenomenal coaches, delved deeper than ever before into my own mindset.

It was not easy, but it was the most productive time of my life. I got clear on what was important to me. I brought awareness to what was holding me back and chose a different way. I felt unconstrained, had confidence in my decisions for the first time, and I stopped comparing myself to others. I finally had my freedom and it’s with this freedom that I was able to create RYPL with Naz.

About Naz Murphie:

I had spent my life being interested in helping other people and making a difference. That is why, I had joined the Police in the first place.

In the first year I worked really hard, I knew I was making a difference. It was sporadic and not nearly enough to fight against the red tape at every turn.  The ‘system’ was slow and I started to feel disillusioned by my ability to make the difference I intended.

I felt lost and powerless to do anything about the situation I found myself in.  I felt no-one believed in me and my quest to make a difference.  Worst of all, I had lost my belief in myself and I had no idea how to get it back.

In 2009, I gave birth to my first child, giving me the chance to turn my attention to other things. I started looking for a way out, for opportunities to make a real difference and a living. I began to search the internet high and low for new information.  I took intensive courses and learnt more about myself and the more I learnt the more I felt myself coming back to the surface.

I realised that for all these years I believed that I was under the control of others.  That I had no choice in the situation I found myself in.  I realised that I had actually handed my power to my boss, my mortgage, my role of being mum, daughter, sister, friend, wife.

It took me 12 years to come to this realisation, but it was powerful.  No longer was I slave to the prescribed life.  I started to take responsibility for my life.  It was time to start living a life on my terms.

The RYPL Story:

In October 2012, we were two perfect strangers whose worlds collided. It took us just one hour into meeting to realise there was a possibility that together we could make a real difference in the world. We took the plunge and decided to start a business together (this one!) and 12 months later we had both quit our full-time, steady jobs.

It wasn’t an easy step but with the support of the right people and a determination not to give up, we were able to conquer our own inner games. We had each other for support and the occasional kick in the behind to ‘wake up to ourselves’ from some amazing coaches. We pushed through our inner fears and overwhelm, and continue to do so today.

We have been there. We know what it takes. We know how hard it can be. We have built this business to help you do it too.

We have now coached and trained over a thousand passionate people to create a life on their terms. In doing so, we discovered a common thread emerge…

None of these people were missing the knowledge to create a purpose-driven life, but instead were battling their own resistance, demons and inner voices. With support and guidance, anyone can achieve mastery of their own inner game.

We know online marketing courses won’t make a dime of difference without first mastering your internal game. You are not failing in this world of online entrepreneurship because you don’t have the skills or knowledge. You are failing because you don’t have the right mindset. And like us for many years, you may not even realize that is what is holding you back.

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