Jonathan Fields

EP-59: Jonathan Fields- How to Live a Good Life and Inspire Possibility

For Life on Purpose Episode #59, my guest is serial entrepreneur, growth strategist, and award-winning author Jonathan Fields. He joined me for a fantastic chat about his new book, How To Live a Good Life, Soulful Stories, Surprising Science, and Practical Wisdom, in which he steps out from under the entrepreneurship umbrella and into the realm of the subject that truly fuels him, a broader exploration of human potential. We also talked about the incident at age 17 that planted the seeds for his work with the Good Life Project; the art of a great interview; vulnerability; Elizabeth Gilbert’s “secret”; Camp GLP; the concept of the three buckets; teaching that thing we each need to learn most; how 9-11 influenced; and MUCH more!

Lea Ann Mallett

EP-43: Lea Ann Mallett on Everyday Activism: The Beauty and Power of Small Actions

For Life on Purpose Episode #43, my guest is activist, leadership coach, and wild woman Lea Ann Mallett. Lea Ann has spent nearly 30 years as an activist with a focus on environmental and social justice issues. She’s since embarked on life as a midlife mom, having two children in her early 40s. Over time, she came to realize that ALL of us are changing the world, every day, through what she calls The Beauty and Power of Small Actions.

Sash Milne

EP-14: Sash Milne on the Economy of Human Connection and the Nothing New Project

Life on Purpose Episode #14 is a great chat with social change activist, writer, blogger, and photographer Sash Milne, who completely transformed her life and adopted an ethos that exemplifies living “on purpose.” Sash joined me to discuss the Nothing New Project — in which she bought no new things for a year, her TEDxPerth talk, something she calls the Economy of Human Connection, and why it’s so important today!

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